How To Reverse FNB eWallet Payment

How To Reverse FNB eWallet Payment

How To Reverse FNB eWallet Payment? Reversing an FNB eWallet payment typically involves contacting the FNB customer support or visiting an FNB branch. Fortunately, you can now reverse your FNB eWallet payment via the FNB eWallet reversal USSD code *120*321#.

How To Reverse FNB eWallet Payment?

To reverse your FNB eWallet payment via USSD, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *120*321# on your phone.
  2. Choose Send Money.
  3. Select eWallet Reversal.
  4. Choose the transaction that you wish to reverse.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

FNB eWallet Payment Reversal FAQs:

Q: Can I reverse any FNB eWallet payment?

A: Unfortunately, no. You can only reverse payments under specific conditions:

  • Within 24 hours of sending: Use the “Reverse” option in the FNB App.
  • Unauthorized debit order under R400: Use the “Dispute” option in the FNB App.
  • Other situations: Contact FNB directly for assistance.

Q: What if I sent money to the wrong number?

A: This is not automatically reversible. Contact FNB immediately (087 575 9405) and explain the situation. They may be able to help if the recipient hasn’t withdrawn the funds yet.

Q: How much does it cost to reverse a payment?

A: Reversals usually incur a fee, ranging from R17.50 to R75 depending on the method used.

Q: What happens if the recipient already withdrew the money?

A: Reversing the payment becomes highly unlikely. You can try contacting the recipient directly and requesting the funds back.

Q: What if I accidentally disputed a valid debit order?

A: Misusing the “Dispute” feature can have negative consequences. Contact FNB immediately to explain the error and potentially reverse the dispute.

Q: How long does a reversal take?

A: Processing times vary depending on the method used and the reason for the reversal. It can range from a few hours to several days.

Q: Are there any alternatives to reversing a payment?

A: If reversal is not possible, consider contacting the recipient and requesting the funds back directly. You could also explore splitting the cost if it was a mutual mistake.

Additional Resources:

Remember, using the FNB eWallet responsibly and understanding the limitations of reversals can help you avoid unnecessary fees and complications. If you have any further questions or require specific assistance, don’t hesitate to contact FNB directly.


Reversing an FNB eWallet payment requires clear understanding and swift action. This FAQ section has hopefully equipped you with the knowledge to approach different scenarios confidently. Remember, act quickly, utilize the appropriate method, and seek assistance when needed.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Timing is crucial: Reverse within 24 hours for sent-to-wrong-number cases.
  • Know your options: Use the app for recent payments, contact FNB for others.
  • Understand limitations: Not all payments are reversible, be mindful of fees.
  • Misusing “Dispute” has consequences: Use it for unauthorized transactions only.
  • Alternatives exist: Consider contacting the recipient directly.

By staying informed and responsible, you can ensure your FNB eWallet experience remains smooth and secure. If any uncertainties arise, remember FNB customer support is always available to guide you further.

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