MamKhize Net Worth

MamKhize Net Worth 2024: How Did She Make R300 Million

Shauwn “MamMkhize” Mkhize, a South African businesswoman and reality TV star, has built an impressive empire estimated to be worth around R300 million. Here’s everything you need to know about MamKhize net worth and how she made her R300 million.

MamKhize Net Worth 2024

MamKhize, also known as Shauwn Mkhize, has amassed a net worth estimated at R300 million. She has achieved this remarkable financial success through various ventures and endeavors.

How Did MamKhize Make R300 Million?

Zikhulise Group

Shauwn Mkhize’s Zikhulise Group, rooted in her mother’s legacy, has flourished under her leadership since 1999. Initially focused on construction, it has expanded into lucrative government contracts for low-cost housing. Diversification into auto restoration and security services has further solidified its economic impact, contributing significantly to Mkhize’s R300 million net worth.

Zikhulise Auto Restorers

Zikhulise Auto Restorers, a subsidiary of the Zikhulise Group, specializes in vehicle refurbishment and maintenance. As a BEE-certified company, it not only adds to Mkhize’s wealth but also provides employment and empowerment opportunities, particularly for historically disadvantaged individuals.

Inyanga Security Services

Inyanga Security Services, another arm of the Zikhulise Group, offers professional security solutions. This venture not only enriches Mkhize’s financial portfolio but also aligns with her vision for economic empowerment and wealth creation, especially within marginalized communities.

Real Estate Ventures

Mkhize’s ventures in the real estate sector have significantly bolstered her financial stature over two decades. Her adept strategies in this competitive industry have yielded substantial assets, contributing to her overall wealth.

Royal AM Football Club

The acquisition of Royal AM Football Club, in partnership with her son Andile Mpisane, marks a strategic investment in Mkhize’s diverse business empire. Operating in the Premier Soccer League (PSL), the club presents various revenue streams, including sponsorships, match-day sales, and broadcasting rights.

Royal AM Luxury and Grooming Pampering Lounge

The Royal AM Luxury and Grooming Pampering Lounge exemplifies upscale personal care and stands as a prestigious asset in Mkhize’s business portfolio. Catering to an elite clientele, it offers top-tier beauty services and taps into the growing demand for high-end grooming, enhancing Mkhize’s revenue streams.

Acting Career on “Uzalo”

Mkhize’s appearances on the popular South African soap opera “Uzalo” not only earn her acclaim but also serve as an additional income channel. Leveraging her screen presence, Mkhize benefits from the show’s success and widespread viewership, contributing further to her financial success.


In conclusion, Shauwn “MamMkhize” Mkhize has become a prominent South African businesswoman with an estimated net worth of R300 million. Her journey to wealth is a result of calculated moves and venturing into different industries.

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